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Karen Mizzi

  • Contact: Karen Mizzi
    Phone: 0431 488 064
    Address: 153 Corunna Rd Stanmore NSW 2048
    email: info@karenmizzi.com


    Karen MizziRepairing & Restoring Vintage

    One of the things I am passionate about  is restoring unwanted, unloved or just plain thrashed vintage.

    I literally have spent the last three years working/playing with women’s vintage clothing, deconstructing garments, studying fabric types, learning about the different eras and the impact society had on fashion.  By no means does this mean that I know everything there is to know but I am proud of the fact that my knowledge is extensive and continues to grow. I do all types of alterations, not just vintage but if you have a vintage piece I highly recommend you bring it to me for assessment, repairs or alterations. You’ll be surprised, my prices are comparable to most clothing alterations places. What makes me different is that I understand and completely adore vintage! I know what I can and can’t do with fabrics from different eras. Apples ain’t apples. Included in my restoration process is cleaning & dyeing.  Most of my cleaning is done in house, however the dyeing process needs to be done by experts in that field and I can certainly steer you in the right direction. Whether it be a cotton summer 50’s dress or a formal beaded gown there is nothing I won’t do.



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