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MemberShip Renewal 2019

Dear Members,

How quickly this year is going for all of us! However so much has been achieved in this time.

Your Chamber has attended many meetings with the Mayors of the local Councils;

Burwood Mayor, Cr John Faker.

President Toni Franze’, Vice President, Cheryl Borsak, Secretary, Judith Wagner.

Canterbury/Bankstown Mayor Cr Khal Asfour.

President Toni Franze’, Vice President Cheryl Borsak, Treasurer Kim Beltran,

CPBC/YC, Troy Batta, Founding President 2003, Hassan Moussa.

Inner west Mayor, Cr Darcy Byrne.

President, Toni Franze’, Vice President Cheryl, Borsak.

CPBC keeps lobbying on important matters for our local Croydon Park small businesses until we achieve the results we seek.

During the first half of 2019, we continued to lobby Burwood Council for the following:


Electricity was connected to the lights which were installed outside shop fronts in November 2018.

We welcomed the visit by Mayor Faker and his staff to Croydon Park for a “meet a greet” and residents and business owner were able to express their concerns about the uneven footpaths and other hazards on the footpaths.


We lobbied for a reduction in fees for tables and chairs and other outdoor furniture for our restaurants and cafes on Georges River Road. We highlighted the need for the fees to be calculated specifically for Croydon Park and not to use Burwood calculations. Our aim is to make this affordable for our local businesses and to draw customers to our village.

We highlighted the need for protective barriers near cafés and restaurants to ensure the safety of patrons, for example, at Maranello’s corner where the car parking is very close the outdoor seating on the footpath.

Mayor Faker has committed to Council participating in a co-ordinated group with CPBC for the ongoing improvements in Croydon Park.

CPBC met with Burwood Council’s Cultural Development Officers, Georgina Vega and Natasha Williams to discuss Public Art in Croydon Park and to support our grant application for Wall murals in Croydon Park.

Canterbury/Bankstown Council, 2019.


Mayor Khal Asfour attended a “Meet and Greet” with our local businesses. CPBC welcomed Mayor Asfour and his staff to Croydon Park and, Mr Hassan Moussa from RM Gregory Promo Print very kindly took time out form his business to co- host the Mayor.

Mayor Asfour has committed to Council participating in a co-ordinated group with CPBC for the ongoing improvements in Croydon Park.

Mayor Asfour commented, ” I had the pleasure of meeting local business owners at an event in Samir Abla hosted by the Croydon Park Business Chamber. Small businesses are the backbone of our local economy and I look forward to continuing to work with them.”

At the “meet and greet” the following issues were raised and discussed;

  • Cleaning graffiti sand repainting the wall at the IGA supermarket and any other walls in the area.
  • Angle parking on Balmoral Avenue.
  • Pedestrian lights near or in front of Balmoral Avenue in front of R M Gregory, which coincide with the bus stops on either side of George’s River Road.
  • Many children run across the road after getting off a bus and the elderly try to get across without being hit by cars, as many times it has been a near miss or fatal.
  • Danger of cement barricade outside the CP Hotel (children running or, walking or cycling on it).
  • We requested a barricade in front of McDonalds, facing Georges River Road.
  • Murals on all walls available on the Canterbury / Bankstown side.
  • Pigeons droppings above the post office are a significant health hazard and the awnings should be repaired. This has since been completed and looks great!
  • Pigeon droppings near the Anar Chicken shop or just past it.

Inner West Council 2019.


  • Meeting took place at Ashfield Town Hall
  • Amy Large Volunteer Award Ceremony the winner being:

Chery Borsak 2019 Senior Volunteer of the Year

CPBC /Youth Chamber: 


April: attended Anzac Commemoration Service and laid a wreath for the CP fallen.

CPBC and Croydon Park Public School would like to thank everyone involved in the preparation to the Easter Egg Hunt. It was a great collaboration.

We would like to acknowledge and thank:

  • Masque Graphic Design for the designing our Easter Banner.
  • RM Gregory Promoprint, for printing the double-sided Easter banner
  • Burwood Council, for erecting the Clock tower and displaying the Banner.
  • Jodi McKay MP for assisting us with printing posters.

The following businesses donated Voucher/Gifts for the Easter Egg Hunt; we thank them all for their generous contributions!

  • Club Croydon Park
  • Maranello’s Veloce
  • Rene’s Restaurant and Pizzeria.
  • Samir ABLA’S Pastry
  • Pure Gelato
  • Subway CP
  • Oz Aboriginal
  • NGOE’S Hot Bread
  • ISO Fishing Lifestyle
  • CRN Park Newsagency
  • T.O.P. Education


Congratulations to both Gladys Smit CPBC 2017 Citizen of the Year Award for her achievement in life long Volunteer and Cheryl Borsak, CPBC Vice President. We celebrated their birthdays at our local Maranello’s Veloce pizza restaurant.

Mario from Maranello’s launched the half metre pizza! Delicious!!

It was highlighted by a journalist who wrote an excellent piece which was printed in the local Inner West Courier.


Our CPBC Vice President, Cheryl Borsak has been investigating which Grants we may apply for to help the Business Community. Possible Grants which we may apply for include:

  1. Croydon Park walls for Murals.
  2. CPBC Website design upgrade.


As Burwood Council will no longer take away Trade waste from 30 June 2019, on the Burwood side of Georges River Road,  CPBC  interviewed various waste management organisations  to take over this service. JJ RICHARDS has been asked to provide CPBC with a quote for this service.



National Servicemen’s Commemorative Service took place and CPBC President, Toni Franze’ laid a wreath to honour the fallen.

NSWBC Energy Power Savings was offered to the CPBC businesses.



Met with Jodi McKay MP to offer congratulations and discuss current issues in our area including Cooks River continual clean up and building code to prevent hard surface run off into the river, Grant for computing equipment and local newsletter for GRR local businesses.

So, till the next CPBC Presidents Letter, stay well.

On behalf of the Chamber we thank you for your Membership and support and we look forward to continuing to work with you.

I personally would like to thank the CPBC and Youth Committee who kindly volunteer to ensure this Chamber works for our local Businesses and Community; we do make a difference!

You will shortly see an invoice inviting you to continue membership for this financial year. The membership is structured and aims to be affordable e.g. Bronze membership is less than $2 per week. We also encourage our bigger businesses to keep up with their pledges for higher memberships.

Yours Sincerely,

Toni Franze

Croydon Park Business Chamber President


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