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  McDonalds Croydon Park – first Major Sponsor  

By Marcella Gallace

When owner of McDonalds Croydon Park, Nick Leontis, was approached by members of the Croydon Park Business Chamber (CPBC) it didn’t take him long to realise that burgers and chips weren’t on the menu.

Instead, the CPBC were there for sponsorship. Namely for the Experience Croydon Park! Festival to be held on October 11. And with eagerness Nick said yes.

He is the Event’s first Major Sponsor and in addition has generously offered his McDonalds banner space to the CPBC, allowing them to advertise the Festival prior to the event.

Located on Georges River Road, McDonalds Croydon Park sees hundreds of cars drive past its “big M” daily.

And so, free advertisement space in such a prime location will not only generously promote the Experience Croydon Park! Festival, but additionally expose any other sponsors whose business logo will accompany this banner. This is a superb opportunity for other sponsors to promote their business name and image to a very large passing trade.

Nick has never shied away from supporting the community of Croydon Park. As Events Committee spokesperson for CPBC, Silvana Franze describes, “Nick always donates money to every event … he knows the Chamber is doing it for the community.”

CPBC’s vision is for Croydon Park to be a destination. A thriving hub of activity with a focus on business and community. The aim is to create an interactive vibe where business owners collaborate to bring about an atmosphere that consumers and families will want to return to. By showcasing our village and everything it has to offer in this Festival, home based businesses and the local shops can reach out beyond Croydon Park and become a destination of choice.

For information on sponsoring the Experience Croydon Park! Festival contact Moira Verheijen or Toni Franze at info@croydonparkbusiness.com.auExp CP EOI form adMcDonalds CP

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