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  President’s Update  

Friday July 31st 2013

5.30am: Clock timer went off!

It was an exciting start to the day to pick up my team Board Members of the CPBC, and we missed those who could not make it, Moira, Peter, Hamid, Roy but I saved a goodies bag for you!

7.30am: We arrived at the Convention Centre and the buzz of 200 people walking in filled the room.

9.30am: After the welcoming address from Richard Holyman President ACCI, the Hon Tony Abbott MP put his views across as to why his party would be best for the country, talking about Protection, Preserving, Encouraging. He stayed for questions and some attendees got a quick photo opportunity, including our Chamber.

Stephen Cartwright, CEO NSW BC gave a progressive review on the Small Business Too Big to Ignore campaign. In 111 days “Add My Voice” has reached 62 565. The campaign started with 10 Big Ideas to grow NSW. Let’s take this idea for Croydon Park and let me tell you, most ideas on our list have been done wtih some outstanding ones yet to be achieved – but we’ll get there.  One slogan said “Change Can Happen – Local Chambers Making It Happen.”

1pm: We met a bright and vivacious lady – Krista Elliot, Director of Brave Training. Well she had us sitting up, standing up, breathing in, out! Preparing us to Stand and Be Brave to present a 60 second speech. Of course, we all said “Not me!” and yet most of us were either nominated or willing went up.

Silvana, our Secretary spoke about the benefits of cash back through the Lyoness loyalty card and connecting our community to local businesses.  Michelle spoke about the great pro-active team CPBC is and the co-ordination of three councils working together with us to make Croydon Park what it is today – vibrant and having people talk about this area.

2.30pm: We had ” Workshop ideas for the Future” where each table had a theme. I chose “Generating Revenue” as this is a major difficulty faced by our Chamber.  All ideas will be released through the NSW BC Porthole for all Chambers to view.

I put some of our ideas on the table, and it was said, “great ideas”. Other chambers had similar suggestions.

1. Proactive Executive Board
2. Membership growth – most important
3. Having different members’ packages
4. Create sponsorship
5. Putting on fun events (such as our Progressive dinner in 2011)
6. Food tour – Liverpool Chamber
7. Addional benefits via Alliance ie: member-get-member campaign ie: encourage someone to join and recommending members receives a special discount

The key is resources for Chambers both paid and unpaid….eg, member growth

Afternoon tea came and we were so engrossed that no one wanted to leave the Round Table discussions!

3.30pm: We were addressed by Senator Penny Wong who said one of the primary issues was the importance of a good education for all children, acknowledging her grandmother who had no schooling but was wise and humbled to see her granddaughter – a Senator of government. Senator Wong also stayed to listen to our questions and to take some photos with us.

4.15pm: Straight after we had our “Workshop Feedback” and I was nominated to share our table’s ideas on stage. A colleague on my table held up the very large note sheets, struggling a little. The lights were turned down and the spotlight came on, I said to my helper “You need to stand on the right hand side of the stage because no one can see you”.  Everyone laughed and that certainly broke the ice!

7.00pm: The night finished with a fabulous meal in the Convention Centre function room, overlooking our city – lit up and spectacular. To top it off, the Boatshow was on, adding lots of grand boats to the view. A few more speaches and then it was time to mix, mingle with the Chamber guests from interstate, regional and overseas.

10.30pm: We headed home, weary but recharged for more active work on the Board, and for Croydon Park…

Toni Franze
President CPBC

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