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Nex Gen in Biz 2018!

Thank you, CP Hotel for Sponsoring the AGM Raffle with great wine for our winners
1st, 2nd, 3rd prizes.
Many Thanks,

Croydon Park gets the Clock!

Croydon Park Light Globes go up in 2018.

CPBC Melbourne Cup win! 2018

The old an  the new in Croydon Park

We are delighted to invite you to the CPBC AGM, which will be on Monday 26th November at 7pm at the Croydon Park Club, 55 Seymour Street, Croydon Park.

As always, our not for profit Executive team has worked tirelessly this year to continue to make Croydon Park a great place to live and work. To give you an idea of what we have been working for this year, I have attached our CPBC Community letter and also, the response and update from Cr John Faker, Mayor of Burwood of what has been achieved and the work still in progress.

We are very pleased to also let you know, the CPBC has won the NSW Business Chamber, Regional Chamber Award 2018 and 2014; recognition of how active we are in our local Community, and with your ongoing support, we intend to keep on working for our Croydon Park Community and our local

We hope you can make the AGM and look forward to seeing you there. If you think any other Community members would like to attend the AGM, please feel free to advise them of the date and time.

The CPBC can be contacted via our Media Team: media.team.cpbc@gmail.com

Kind regards,

Judith Wagner
Secretary CPBC, on behalf of the CPBC Executive
Members of NSW Business Chamber
Finalists, South West Sydney Chamber of the Year 2016, 2105,2014, 2013, 2012.

CPBC will be hosting morning tea with Jodi McKay, our Local Member of Parliament and Shadow Minister for Transport.

Photos created by Andrew Nguyen

On behalf of the CPBC /YC Thank you,
Jodi McKay for coming to
Croydon Park to meet n greet the Businesses today. Everyone present spoke about important issues for the Business Community. Also on a lighter note it was Melbourne Cup and we Thank Samir Ablar for sponsoring this Event and donating the delicious biscuits as the prizes for this great race!
1st: George, 7 Day Plumbing.
2nd: Vicki, Oz Aboriginal.
3rd: Cheryl, Scouts.
Last horse running: winner, Eddie.

Croydon park Past History Bulletin

Congratulations to the new Board CPBC/YC for 2018!

Happy fathers day from Croydon Park Business Chamber

McDonald’s Croydon Park 

mcdonaldsAlways supportive of the Croydon Park Business Chamber (CPBC) and local community, McDonald’s Croydon Park is proud to be a major Sponsor for activities in Croydon Park.

Owner and Operator, Nick Leontios, has never shied away from supporting the community of Croydon Park.

“I’ve been part of this community for the last 10 years and I’m very happy to say that the CPBC has supported me and helped me out for the last 10 years. And I appreciate that, thank you!”

Nick was a Platinum Sponsor for the Festivals in 2014 and 2016, and was surprised by the amazing turnout of people, “It was a very successful, and very busy day. I was very surprised how well it went and how well it was organised, considering Georges River Rd is a State Road and can’t be closed!”

Psst: did you know that Nick also runs the Hurlstone Park McDonalds which has recently undergone a major full refit-out. Check it out!  mcdonalds.com.au/store/croydon-park

Local Sport Defibrillator Grant Program

Plz click on the link below


Congratulations to the new Board CPBC/YC for 2018!
Thank you to the 2017
Board, being a year of “reflection” it gave the CPBC/YC time to go back to when it all started and table a history of all that has been achieved in the last 15. years!
So, keep watch to our list and photos both on the CPBC website and FB; that are coming to see the trail of all that has happened in this time line.
Hope your Christmas was filled with Peace, Love and Joy and 2018 with all you Hope for.
Toni Franzè
CPBC President.

The Tamil language is one of the longest surviving classical languages in the world and here in Sydney it is widely celebrated by Tamil Australians, including Kamban Kazhagam Australia. They hold a Literary Festival each year, believing that to truly appreciate the language you have to immerse yourself in its imagery and creativity through prose, music and drama.

Burwood Public School has been ignored by the Government – its heritage buildings are in need of repair, there are too many old and rundown demountable classrooms, and the school is being surrounded by high rise buildings.
Thanks to Shadow Education Minister Jihad Dib who met with parents and Councillor Lesley Ferneaux-Cook as we desperately fight a high rise building that will overshadow the only grassed playground. Where is Rob Stokes and the Department of Education?

The NSW Seniors Festival grants program is now open!

The program provides $200,000 in funding to organisations and councils to run local festival events and activities that provide opportunities for people over 60 to remain active, healthy, engaged and contributing to their local communities.

For more information, visit https://seniorsfestival.nsw.gov.au/events/grants-program. Applications close 10 August 2018.

So many women across our local area do truly incredible work which often goes unrecognised. That’s why I’m pleased to announce that nominations are now open for the 2019 Strathfield Woman of the Year Award!

I encourage you to nominate an inspirational woman in our community for an award. To nominate, please complete this form: https://goo.gl/forms/fLj6XfKjB0VLIKm12.

For more information, contact my office strathfield@parliament.nsw.gov.au or (02) 9747 1711.

Nominations close Friday 2 November 2018.

Nominations close this Friday for the NSW Volunteer Awards.

Rotary Club of Strathfield is involved in so much good work in our community. This year they’ve raised $50,000 for Catherine Sullivan Centre and $10,000 for Chalmers Road Public School under President Rick Vosila. As an honorary member of the club, I look forward to supporting Charles Pitt as the new President. And  finally, Ari Pappas has received a Paul Harris Fellowship for his community work through Rotary. 👏👏👏

The Burwood community hub is a fantastic initiative by St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Burwood. It’s a “one-stop-shop” where residents are able to speak to representatives from government services and community organisations such as Centrelink, Housing NSW, Legal Aid and St Vincent de Paul.

Come along to the next session on Tuesday.

The Local Sport Grant Program is now open!⚽🏏🏉🎾🥋🏐

Tag someone who belongs to a club that needs .

Local sports clubs can apply for funding for projects such as sport development, community events, and facility development.
For more information, visit www.sport.nsw.gov.au/clubs/grants/localsport.

Congratulations to Croydon Park IGA for going single use plastic bag free.
This is a great and important step for our local community and we encourage other local businesses to follow their example.

The first look at the fabulous new outdoor space for Strathfield South Public School. They can play pretty much any sport now with any shaped ball.🥅🏏🏒⛹🏽‍♀️🏆.

The stunning Symphonia Jubilate – a true celebration of 🎶 talent in our local public schools.

An opportunity for residents of Strathfield Council to question councillors and seek information.

Strathfield Council invites all residents to keep informed and attend the upcoming Resident Information Evening from 6-8pm on Wednesday 27 June at Strathfield Town Hall.

Homebush Boys High School Multicultural Day – a celebration of where we come from, who we are and why we all belong.

Burwood Club Rsl ANZAC Day Ceremony

🚨🚨 Hello Homebush residents!🚨🚨

You’re invited to my “Coffee with a Pollie” at Gina’s in Homebush. If you’re interested in coming along, please RSVP to strathfield@parliament.nsw.gov.au (this is really important as spots are limited).

If you don’t live in Homebush, don’t worry! I’ll be hosting more of these catch-ups across the electorate, so keep an eye and an ear out for one in your area. ☕✏

Happy Easter From CPBC Management Team.

March 2018 Croydon Park Business Chamber Community update

Dear Croydon Park Business Chamber Members and Community Members,

Your Chamber is delighted to be able to provide you with an update of ongoing and completed matters which the Chamber has and continues to actively lobby for.

Below are many initiatives and outcomes we have been able to achieve in 2016/2017 Financial year.

1. The Croydon Park Festival held in November 2016 was a resounding success and despite the heat on the day, was extremely well attended.

2. A Community QandA and AGM was held on December 5, 2017. We thank the community members who took the time to come along, participate and pose questions and complete the survey.

3. Croydon Park Clock – we now have a welcoming clock on the corner of Beaufort Street, Croydon Park. The CPBC had lobbied for many years for its installation.

4. We now have many Cafes and Restaurants in Croydon Park which have fantastic outdoor seating to enable greater enjoyment and helps to create a Village feel.

5. Our Croydon Park Business Chamber website continues too evolve and we hope to bring you further interesting content and information throughout 2018 and beyond.

6. Jodi McKay, Member of the Legislative Assembly and Member for Strathfield, held a very successful “Pollies in Cafes” session at Caffettiera, on Georges River Road in November 2017.

There are several matters the Chamber discussed with Mayor of Burwood, John Faker at our meeting on 13th February 2018 and we intend to hold our elected Burwood, Inner West and Canterbury Council representatives accountable for these and will provide you updates on our website as we progress;

1. Croydon Park Clock – needs completion to include a dedication/ memorial remembering Croydon Park soldiers and others who have supported our community.

2. Cafes and Restaurants in Croydon Park – we are lobbying to extend the 12 months free period offered by Burwood Council to businesses for outdoor seating costs. Our aim is to continue to enhance the Village look and feel we are striving for which will entice people into our neighbourhood.

3. Christmas Tree – a Christmas tree for Croydon Park has been committed by Mayor, John Faker from 2018 onward. A location for this is to be determined as it must comply with OH&S matters.

4. “Movies/Concert or Opera in the Park” – Chamber raised the possibility of an event of this type with Mayor Faker, possibly to be held at Croydon Park (end of Croydon Avenue and Brighton St, Croydon Park). Event management and funding will need to be lobbied for and will involve Burwood, Inner West and Canterbury Councils.

5. Street Lights – we raised the matter of more appropriate illumination which helps to showcase individual businesses. Mayor Faker will follow up on this and we hope then that Canterbury Council will follow.

6. Dirty footpaths and Pidgeon Droppings on bins, awnings and footpaths. Pidgeon droppings may carry lice and are generally a health hazard. Mayor Faker advised an annual clean of the footpaths takes place. We have requested Mayor Faker advise us when this cleaning will next occur as it seems quite some time between cleaning. The Chamber is considering supplying pidgeon spikes to individual business owners when renewing their membership with the Chamber.

7. Murals – We have a number of suitable sites for murals to be painted and, Burwood Council has advised they are interested in supporting Croydon Park as a trial for Mural/s. Chamber is currently sending photos of potential sites for assessment to Burwood Council.

8. Croydon Park Festival – Burwood Mayor, John Faker suggested the Australia Day event, which is usually held at Burwood Park, could be shifted to Croydon Park in 2019 as an alternative event. Burwood Council will review the feasibility of this.

9. Funding Grants – Burwood Mayor, John Faker has agreed he would provide the Chamber Letters of Support to accompany any grants the Chamber applies for. The next round of Grants submissions take place in December 2018 and the CPBC will make applications.

10. Dart Thru Lane – this lane is at the rear of many Croydon Park shops and adjacent to Club Croydon Park. Currently the lane is a No stopping and No parking zone, which makes loading into the shops very difficult. We have requested assistance with either a timed loading zone or business and resident stickers. Mayor Faker has advised the RMS is responsible for this, however, he will raise this with Burwood Council Traffic to discuss with the RMS for options.

11. Seymour Street exit onto Georges River Road (GRR); Chamber has requested this end of Seymour Street be made a one way Left Turn onto GRR, as it poses significant risk to traffic and pedestrians when cars attempt to turn right onto GRR where cars heading toward Croydon Park Public School, do not give way or allow merging right into traffic. Further, Chamber has requested KEEP CLEAR signage be painted on the road at the Seymour Street and Beaufort Street intersections, so that merging traffic onto GGR can do safely and that pedestrians are also safe as traffic approaches the school.

12. CPBC have been a Voice for the local Businesses and Community since 2003 when the Banks shut their doors and has been recognized and awarded;
2012, CPBC have been Awarded from the NSWBC, HIGHLY COMMENDED.
2013, CPBC Finalist Local Chamber of Commerce of the Year South West Sydney Region.
2014, CPBC Win the NSWBC Business Award Local CC of the Year South West S Region against bigger Chambers.
2014, CPBC State Finalist in the NSWBC Business Awards,
2015, CPBC Regional Finalist, Local Chamber of Commerce Western Sydney.
2016, CPBC Regional Finalist Local Chamber of Commerce Western Sydney.
2017, CPBC Regional Finalist Local Chamber of Commerce Western Sydney.

CPBC also has a Youth Committee, who have over the years been involved in many great events , and were nominated by the Children’s Medical Research Institute and won the Prestigious Award from Rotary Club Burwood Business Community 2016.

Toni Franze’
Croydon Park Business Chamber Inc.
0410 015 944
Member of NSW Business Chamber
Finalist – South West Sydney Chamber of the Year 2016, 2014, 2013, 2012
Winners – Regional Business Chamber of the Year 2014

Croydon Park Business Chamber is here to engage, encourage, and empower local businesses and our community. Run by volunteers, the Chamber has been operating since 2003. Since then, we have achieved many great successes through hard work and persistence. Many of our loyal members have been with us since then and we are very happy to invite new members.

Croydon Park Business Chamber

MP Sophie Cotsis takes leave of absence to fight breast cancer

Messages of support have flown in for MP and mother-of-two Sophie Cotsis who announced at the weekend she is battling breast cancer.

The Canterbury state Labor MP will take a leave of absence while receiving treatment, but said it would be “business as usual” for her electorate office staff, who will continue in her absence.

“This is a difficult time for me and my family and I deeply appreciate the steadfast support of my wonderful family, friends, my local community, staff and colleagues,” Ms Cotsis said.

“I look forward to getting back to work and to fight the 2019 NSW State Election as the Member for Canterbury.”

Here’s a small contribution to Enfield and Strathfield Anglican Church’s work in our community. Fifteen thousand dollars from the Community Building Partnership program will help improve disability access to St Andrew’s Anglican Church.

#SeniorsFestival programs are filling up! There’s lots to do with dancing, music and outings. Register now to avoid disappointment! http://www.strathfield.nsw.gov.au/community/senior-and-disability-services/seniors-festival/

Local business awards

Congratulations to the following Croydon Park and Croydon Businesses for their success in the 2016 Inner West Local Business Awards:


Looking for an overview of our Chamber? Check out our Presentation below:  Prezi

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  Member of the month  

7 Days Plumbing and Bathroom Supplies

We deliver to all Sydney areas including Abbotsbury Abbotsford Acacia Gardens Alexandria Annandale Artarmon Balmain Balmoral Bankstown Baulkham Hills Beaumont Hills Beecroft Bella Vista Bellevue Hill Birkenhead Point Blacktown Bondi Botany Burwood Campbelltown Camperdown Canada Bay Carlingford Castle Hill Chatswood Cheltenham Cherrybrook Chippendale Clovelly Collaroy Concord Coogee Cremorne Cronulla Crows Nest Croydon Darlinghurst Dee Why Denistone Double Bay Drummoyne North Sho...
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