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  National Campaign Launch for Small Business  

What can I say but WOW WOW WOW…!!!

too big to ignore2


Great morning, I felt like we were  at the Logies.

The room was set out in white table cloths with an amazing breakfast, as though we were at a resort…. how about that, from a Logie night to a holiday feeling…

Congratulations to Roy de Visser from the Trophy Store, who spoke so well in everything he was asked whilst on the panel. It was a PROUD moment to have someone who is part of Our Community and Our CPBC up there.

Roy said, that it is the support of our Local Chamber CPBC that brought him to where he is now, and having the connection of the NSWBC cemented that support.

 Roy comes from a third generation of Small Businesses and has been inspired by his father. In Roy’s words, “I got in to CREATE. We need to make a difference: PARTICIPATE /COMMUNICATE/ CO OPERATE.”

A question that was asked was, “What is the outcome by the Government?”

Roy: “Govt won’t help, they argue, argue, argue, we should make the decisions ie: Small Businesses, and be the VOICE to hear. We can do it! We have to combine and do it.”

Roy: “We need Actions and Activites in Government.”

The other guests at our table under the title CPBC were also inspired. Thank you to Lucy and Andrew Martin, Michael Hole, Maria Franze and Tony Daniele.

Toni Franze’ President.

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